Fashionista and ultra runner

August 4, 2017


 My guest blogger this week is Monica Bergan Stabell.



She is a fashionista!

 She love brands like Christian Louboutin, Valentino and Jimmy Choo. Her walk in closet is not just a closet, its a room built for her shoes and haute couture clothes.



She is  yin and yang! 

So feminin and girlish when it comes to fashion and interior, and yet so tough when its about sport and activities.



She's been a sport athlete all her life, from the early years when she competed in cross country skiing.

She is still a skier, and in the wintertime she is to be found in the mountains around her city.


Later she has become more fond of running.

She has done the marathon in Oslo many times, with really good ending time.

For the moment it's the longer runs, like ultra runs thats motivating her.


She is also an experienced traveller and she is also an adventures traveller. She`s travelled all over the world, and a couple of year ago she joined the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. She lived there for a year. 

Recently she stayed in Rome for several months and then she found her favorite places to have her coffee and to do fashion shopping. 



She and her husband have a house in a beautiful village in Serbia, where they usually spend some of their summer holiday and weekends in the wintertime. 










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