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Summer vacation in Santorini


It is time to book a summer holiday and of course I have my favorites.

I have no children and therefore do not choose destinations that are necessarily suitable for families with small children. I try to put so much luxury into my everyday life, so everyday also becomes a party. Luxury does not mean expensive hotels and Michelin guide restaurants. I find it incredibly delicious to wake up at a hotel with a nice view and nice staff. Luxury for me is peace and quiet, personal service, and I get coffee on my bed before breakfast. Summer holidays mean a lot to most of us, then we'll be together and enjoy ourselves.

I would like to share some of my favorites in the future, and you may be tempted to try a new destination.



Santorini is Greece's most spectacular island with dramatic views, fine beaches and a wealth of beautiful towns with typical whitewashed houses that have made the island one of the most photographed throughout Greece. Here you will find "instamoments" on each street corner, so remember to have the camera ready.

The island is perfect for couples, honeymoons or friends. Or simply alone-vacation. I traveled with a friend to celebrate the weddings of two of the couples. Santorini was perfect for us. Romantic for those who just married, adventure holiday for the most adventurous and enough sun and heat for us others

The island's capital is celebrating a lively nightlife and many great restaurants. It is also here all the caves - the hotel overlooks the Nea Kameni volcano island. If you are curious about the volcano, you can take an excursion to the volcano island, located just outside Fira.

The white city lies on the edge of a giant 3500-year-old volcano crater and the bottom is far below the sea's surface. It is actually the crater's steep inside that plunges down to the sea and the harbor below you.

The hotels are of a high standard and I stayed at a cave hotel with 11 rooms. Delicious swimming pool, and a pool bar with good drinks. It is hot on Santorini in July and August, so a hotel with swimming pool is beneficial. It felt like we had rented a private property with all the amenities. Breakfast was served on request on our own porch with everything we would like for fresh fruit, baked goods and coffee.

Oia is the city with the amazing sunset. When the sun is low over the ocean to the west, its brick-red leather shines up the entire inside of the volcano. Good restaurants and art galleries and the little beach where volcanic pumice floats in land is worth the trip to Oia. We had panoramic views from our hotel terrace with the sunset every night but it was an experience to see all the tourists standing in line to watch the sunset.


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