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Peggy Porchen cakes in London

Peggy Porchen cakes

London is full of restaurants and bakeries, and you who already reads my blog know that I love cakes and desserts. Especially if it is wrapped in pastel with flowers and ornaments. In London, I always find places that renew and stay modern and trendy. That city has it all.

It's an art to catch the attention of a city pulsating with life. The city is especially famous for decorations in the windows of Christmas, and many Norwegians travel to London at Christmas gift shopping. Most of them have probably noticed and been impressed by the store windows. I've been several times. Now there are "pink" bakeries that are popular. I have previously written about Elan Cafè, and now Peggy Porschen Cakes.

Peggy Porschen is famous for its amazingly good cakes with a lot of flavor. In addition, they are creatively designed as small pieces of art with flowers and decorative figures. For those who are interested in pastries and cakes, this is not news for you as the store has been here since 2003. The story says the boss of the place is a flight attendant with a genuine interest in baking. She got her breakthrough by making cakes for a party at Elton John’s. After that she has made cakes for Kate Moss, Stella McCartney's wedding and for Madonna. A large number of royalty and celebrities are on her customer list. It was an experience to be a guest at Peggy Porschen. I got a lovely table at the outdoor seating, and the cakes came on the table and everyone was like small artworks. And everyone tasted great! The bakery has 30 seats, and it is worth standing in line to taste the cakes. If you do not want to wait for a table, you can also buy a cake and eat in one of the great parks of London. You will find the bakery in Belgravia, the district between Westminster and Knightsbridge


Kensington Palace

Take the underground to Queensway. Walk into the park and take a visit to the palace itself. This is the former home of Princess Diana, and now her two sons live here. The castle is open for guided tours and has a nice backyard for coffee. The Hyde park itself is an experience to walk around. Here is a lot to look at, and please ride a bike so you can easily get around. It's great to sit on a stool and just enjoy the silence in the middle of one of Europe's largest cities.


From Kensington Palace to Harrods it is about 30 minutes to walk. On the road you will find London's most expensive address to live; Hyde Park One. You will find several major traditional hotels, including Mandarin Oriental. The hotel that had just opened after a complete reconstruction now in May and had to shut down after a fire.

Harrods is the "all" shopping center in London to visit. In the 1980s and 1990s this was one of the most visited attractions, and in the foodhall you could buy everything - even Norwegian brunost.

Peggy Porschen Cakes

It takes about 15 minutes from Harrods to Peggy Porschen Cakes, and the streets are beautiful to walk in. Here you will find elegant shops, embassies and small parks. Then you have worked up a real appetite and can order delicious cakes with a good conscience.

Buckingham Palace

20 min walk from the bakery you will find the Queen's castle. Either you eat cakes on the bakery or take you to the park and have a picnic there.

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