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Free cityguide for Paris

Is PARIS just for you in love? Or do you travel to PARIS with your friends as well?

I give 12 tips for FREE that give you, a free planning tool for city your break Here you will find the travel tips for the girlfriend and for your friends AND you get a good planning tool to put together your own schedule for a perfect trip for you and your travel. Often when I travel on tour we are more looking to see and experience different things. With my advice, your girlfriend, party-friends, tourists and not least everyone you know who love food and wine will be happy.

12 tips from beautiful PARIS that provide you with a good planning tool to put together your perfect city break.

PARIS is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. Here you will find unforgettable architecture, some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world and PARIS is famous for its fashion houses.

Nowhere in the world will give you better locations for photos, whether it's for Instagram or Family Album. With good planning you can reach many of the city's best hotspots during a weekend.

Of course, it's great to be in PARIS and be in love or fall in love. Frenchmen are charming and love to flirt. For us Norwegians, it is a lovely reminder that we are women and that we are beautiful. French people can make every woman feel beautiful and loved.

But PARIS is also the big city with an incredibly exciting nightlife, gourmet restaurants and trendy fashion stores. No city can surprise you more than PARIS. The nightclubs are up till 06 in the morning, and the French love to end the night with breakfast. At friend's trip, it's no shame to divide your shopping with champagne lunch, and PARIS has the city full of good champagne bars.

It's easy to fall in love with PARIS. The architecture, famous monuments and romantic sidewalk restaurants are everywhere. The love is romantic restaurants and lovely walks along the Seine or in Montmartre. Bring your boyfriend, your husband or your lover (!) To PARIS for the extraordinary experiences. In PARIS you can have a romantic weekend without getting too sweet. This city has brought forth the romance of many men so be prepared. It is the city of love - and many have been freed and engaged in this romantic city.

Top three for love:

Eiffel Tower. Romantic dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel in the Eiffel Tower. Book in advance and dine deliciously in stunning surroundings and panoramic views to the Paris skyline.

Champagne in the sunset. Champagne at Cafè Marly on a sunny afternoon. There are not many things that make a delicious glass of champagne with a view to the Museum de Louvre. Here you love the love in a magical setting.

Love Bridge. Pont des Arts is the love bridge where in love couples have hanged padlocks since the inauguration in 1804. Now it is forbidden to attach padlocks due to the weight of the iron, but this is a moment of love for Instagram.

Friends in PARIS

Paris is a Mecca for friendship with shopping and champagne. No other cities have better shopping opportunities than Paris. Here, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and all the other brands come in line. You have the Galleries Lafayette Mall which is multi-storey with different brands in all price ranges. Here are also the funniest vintage markets in Europe.

Top three for a friend's trip:

Galleries Lafayette. The mall which is more a piece of art than a mall. Here, all friends want to enjoy both those who have a wallet to shop at Hermes and those who prefer European chain stores like Zara, HM etc. Here you will find everything!

Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Paris's main street. There is nothing that gives the Paris feeling more than going down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées with the handbags in the sleeves in search of an outdoor café for a small glass of champagne.

Porte de Clignancourt. Known to everyone like Les Puces. The vintage market of all vintage markets in Europe. Do you have a thing for vintage and love to make use of this, this is the place for you. And for all of you, it's incredible fun to look at all the people who are here.

PARIS for foodies

The French kitchen is known to us Norwegians. We love French food and French wines, and few places in the world it is possible to experience better dining experiences than in PARIS. France has several famous dishes on the menu, and French cheeses are some of the best in the world. Combining food and wine you can almost go wrong in Paris.

Top three for foodies:

Angelina. Condo with exclusive cakes such as "The Mont-Blanc" which is world-renowned and do not miss an African Hot Chocolate after a visit to the Museum de Louvre. The site has been around since the beginning of the 1900s and is built in Belle Epoque style. Book in advance otherwise you will be able to queue for several hours.

"Gourmet walks". What's better than combining food and fitness? In Paris there are several offers foodies with different themes. Often it is with a famous chef who guides you around Paris's streets. Are you particularly interested in chocolate and cakes, or would you rather get to know Paris's Michelin star restaurants better? Here you will find a trip that certainly falls into taste for you and your luck.

Best baguette in Paris. In Paris here is the annual review of who makes the best baguette. The winner may deliver baguettes to the French President. In 2017, Sami Bouattour from Boulangerie Brun became the best baguette baker. Do you want to test the baguettes and find the bakery in Rue Tolbiac.

Paris for party people

French people have the art of partying and having fun in style. Never have I had the fun of the nightclub with the French until early morning, and finish with breakfast before going home to the hotel to rest. Frenchmen are also famous for having long champagne brunches that extend to a better dinner. In Paris, all this is possible and more.

Top three for the party people

Wine tasting in the basement of La Cave des Tuilleries. Order wine tasting in advance and you will experience some exciting hours of new knowledge. Usually, usually you spit out the wine after tasting, but in PARIS you can leave it in.

The bar Le Dokhan's champagne bar is legendary for a good atmosphere and many exciting producers to taste. The surroundings are generous, just the way I like it and the guests are a good mix of international financiers and French actors.

Au Pied de Cochon is open 24/7 and serves food 24 hours a day, good food. The restaurant has been open since 1947, and the lights have never been turned off. This is a place you should not miss. Feel free to go here after a late night and have dinner or breakfast. A mood you only find in PARIS.

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