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Career woman in Beijing and travel


When I travel I want to meet real people. Meeting with locals give me a deeper understanding of the destination I visit, and they always give me inside tips on where to eat, where I find the best cocktails and where the shopping areas are. I want to experience the real life when I travel, not just the image the destination want me to visit. In this series of blogposts you will meet Joy, she is a business woman living in Beijing. In the first blogpost she taks about her passion for fashion. Joy and her family runs a very successful business in China, and she is a urban woman with a lot of international experience. Take a look whats happen when we met in Beijing recently.


Would you share with my readers how is it to be a career woman in Beijing?


Being a career woman is not easy in Beijing because Beijing is a very competitive city for career and jobs. The city’s population is big but good positions are limited, not like Shanghai. Besides, as a capital city and political center, nepotism is a common phenomenon, which means people get jobs through their relatives or friends. If you did not come from a nice background, it was not easy to get the job you want, even you had strong capability. But women in BJ are fair-paid as men. For me, being a career woman you need to spend a lot of time and efforts on what you do. You need to have huge passion for what you do because it really takes your energy. In this information age, you need to be effective, be vigorous and open-minded. Normally a successful career woman in BJ cannot put much effort in their families and finding a right balance is not easy. The living expense is high; the level of wage is relatively low. If you had a precise aim for your career, I suggest not to marry early or even have children before you reached that position. But if you worked in state-owned companies you could be much safer.

Joys favorite destinations


My favorite destinations abroad are San Francisco and Budapest. I like the weather in San Francisco a lot and living in a city with lots of hill is interesting. It is amazing to walk on the Sunset Boulevard in the afternoon and I enjoyed the seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf. It is a nice city to chill, and you could meet a lot of amazing friends who start up business here in the silicon valley. They are aspirant and passionate. Another city I love is Budapest. It is a very romantic city for travel and hot spring. My favorite spot is the fisherman’s port. The view is very charming for the whole city during sunset. A lot of lovers come here to visit and propose.

My favorite city in China is Chengdu. It is an international city located in the South-west of China. The food there is so delicious, but very spicy. All the hotpot restaurants are full even when it is close to midnight. People here get off work early and like to play Majiang, which is a traditional Chinese table card game. Now the city is becoming quite modern as well, where you could find a lots of fashion stores and shopping malls. People here love fashion and the girls here are very good-looking.

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