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Hotspots for foodies in Beijing

When I travel I want to meet real people. Meeting with locals give me a deeper understanding of the destination I visit, and they always give me inside tips on where to eat, where I find the best cocktails and where the shopping areas are. I want to experience the real life when I travel, not just the image the destination want me to visit. In this series of blogposts you will meet Joy, she is a business woman living in Beijing. In the second blogpost she talks about her passion for fashion. Joy and her family runs a very successful business in China, and she is a urban woman with a lot of international experience. Take a look whats happen when we met in Beijing recently.

Where to eat and drink in Beijing

When I met Joy in Beijing recently she took me out for dinner. We had crispy duck/Peking duck, a traditional dish from Beijing. First time I had crispy duck was in China Town London years ago, and I loved the taste. But this evening the crispy duck was particularly tasteful.

I asked Joy if she could share her hotspots for eating out, and here is her top five list for hanging out in Beijing:


Temple Restaurant Beijing Forbidden City (TRB Forbidden City)

A nice place for hangout just next to Forbidden City. The afternoon tea here is great.

More information

95 Donghuamen Dajie

Dongcheng District



6401 6676


Great Leap Brewing – 大跃酒场 Great Leap Brewing is the first craft brewery in Beijing, China. They incorporate traditional Chinese ingredients and boast flavors and aromas unique to the Middle Kingdom. Each of their beers is created with the goal of showcasing the finest aspects of Chinese history and culture.

More information

GLB #6 豆角胡同店 #6 Doujiao Hutong, Di’Anmenwai Avenue,

Dongcheng District 北京市东城区 地安门外大街豆角胡同6号


Bar Atmosphere – 云酷 Located on the 80th floor of World Trade Mall and it has such a great view of the whole city, and it is just opposite to the tallest building in China, but still under construction.

More information 80/F, China World Summit Wing, 1 Jianguomenwai

DajieChaoyang District



Club Mix Everyone in Beijing knows this club and it is just located next to the best hangout place Sanlitun. This is the heaven of young people.

More information Workers Stadium North Gate, Beijing – CHINA (6530 2889)密克斯 , 朝阳区工体北门内


Blue Note Beijing If you are a jazz fan, then you must go to Blue Note Beijing. It is the world finest jazz club and just opened their branch in Beijing. There are world jazz masters and local jazz players come and show every week.

More information

23 Qianmen East Street, Dongcheng

District, Beijing, China


Do you have any advice for foreigners who would like to experience Beijing? - First I suggest avoiding Chinese holidays because during Chinese holidays the traffic is terrible. I suggest ask a local friend who is familiar with the city to take you around because most Chinese people in the service industry does not speak well English, especially taxi drivers. The places listed in the travel guidance are sometimes tricky. There are a lot of nice places hidden in the city. You could get some very good suggestions from Timeout Beijing, or ask someone who have been to Beijing before, like Tove, lol.


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