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When I travel I want to meet real people. Meeting with locals give me a deeper understanding of the destination I visit, and they always give me inside tips on where to eat, where I find the best cocktails and where the shopping areas are. I want to experience the real life when I travel, not just the image the destination want me to visit. In this series of blogposts you will meet Joy, she is a business woman living in Beijing. In the first blogpost she taks about her passion for fashion. Joy and her family runs a very successful business in China, and she is a urban woman with a lot of international experience. Take a look whats happen when we met in Beijing recently.


Joy and TQ talks about fashion in London

Joy, I am so happy you found time to meet me in a hectic life here in Beijing. My readers, and I would love to know more about you: - My name is Joy and I am just a normal young girl from Beijing, who is passionate for life and work. I used to live in London and Manchester for 4 years after high school. I studied Fashion Management and International Fashion Retailing in London College of Fashion and University of Manchester. London was one of my favorite citys for its perfect combination of history and modern elements. Back in the days, I was so attracted to the artistic atmosphere in London. It seems like every student in our college would visit art galleries and exhibitions twice a week. My favorite place was V&A, Tate Britain. I like how passionate London was to demonstrate arts and the inspiration behind. Basically you could access the best arts in the world at that time.

Fashion, the same. I was so glad that I could build an academic life in this field, and London was the best place for fashion obviously. I would say Tokyo and NYC too but only from a commercial perspective. The department stores in London were the best, especially Harrods and Liberty. They were not places for selling, but to involve. And being in London you always know what designers are emerging and I love small designers.


Joy and TQ talks about fashion in China

When you got back to Beijing, you started working in fashion. Why is fashion so imported for women in Beijing? - Chinese economy has been growing so fast over the past 2 decades. Fashion is something blank in this country, because fashion does not have a history in China. So Chinese girls have dreams about for example the Parisian elegance, Chanel, Luis Vuitton… Buying luxury is a symbol of fortune and Chinese people like to show off their fortune to peers. That is why Chinese spending power is NO.1 in the world.

Of course, population is another important factor. And most people won’t care about price as long as the item is well-recognized or shows logo.


Joy and TQ talks about Chinese designers

I have to ask who is your favorite Chinese designers, and is there a online store we could take a look at them? - Xuzhi Chen. He is based in London and he is a master in knitting and mixing texture. His design is very elegant and very suitable for everyday’s living. His clothing can be bought in most department stores or multi-brand boutiques but not online yet.


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