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When to visit Norway?

Spring in Norway is pure fun

Are you planning to visit Norway?

Take a look at the weather forecast for Norway before you plan your stay. Norway is located in the northern part of Europe, north of Denmark and west of Sweden. We share border with Sweden, Finland and Russia. And the weather is importen for getting most out of your stay.

Desember is all about celebrating Christmas in Norway. If you want to experience something different from the rest of the world, this is the place to visit. Try out the Norwegians food traditions like "smalahove" (head from sheep) or "lutefisk" (aged stockfish and lye). If you rather want to experience winter wonderland, bring warm clothes and spend the day iceskating in the city center of Oslo.

Winter in Norway is from November to March. The temperature is between -4 to -20 degrees.

You will experience sparkling snow, and a visit to Norway in January or in February is pure magic.

The chance of getting a glimpse of aurora polaris (northern light) is definitely high and worth the travel.

Spring in Norway is from April and May. The temperature is between 5-17 degrees.

Blossoms begin immediately after snow melting, and the days are brighter and the air is still crisp.

Summer in Norway is from June to August. The temperature is between 15-25 degrees. Are you lucky you could experience warmer days in July and August. For the most part, Norwegian summer days and nights stay bright and pleasantly balmy, and are best enjoyed outdoors.

Autumn in Norway is from September to November. The temperature is between 4-10 degrees.

Nature is at its most dazzling, as summer turns to winter.

5 quick questions to TravelQueen about traveling to Norway:

How do I travel to Norway?

Buy your tickets at www.norwegian.no or www.sas.no

Where to go?

I love Oslo of course, it's the city I live in!

If it's your first time in Norway, start with Oslo, and experience the beauty of the city.

Take a look at VisitOslo for inspiration.

Why Norway?

Are you a food lover, the country is full of unexpected traditions that will surprise you. The people are warm and welcoming and the crime rate is low.

Your best tip for a visit to Oslo?

Take a walk along the seaside, towards Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. At Tjuvholmen you will find

Astrup Fearnley Museum. It's a private collection of modern art. Take a cup of coffee at Vingen Bar and enjoy the view, just amazing.

Where do I find the hotspot for instamoment in Oslo?

Visit Bygdøy, 5 minutes with a boat from city center or take bus 30.

In spring time it's a beautiful recreation area to take a walk, have picnic or visit the beautiful summer palace Oscarshall.

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