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One of the top five treks in the world

The Inca Trail is rated as one of the top 5 treks in the world, 100% bucket list worthy.

Its considered a moderate hike, and while no special equipment or training is needed there are many Inca staircases to walk up and down, and the altitude may affect some individuals.

For me it was a easy walk, and I didn't feel the altitude.

Go with me to Machu Picchu

With a great help from the porters I only carried my personal bag. Porter welfare is important, and do travel with a company that makes sure the porters are being treated well. The Porters are the vehicle you use to carry your bags and all that’s needed on the 43 km trek now that horses, mules and lamas are banned from the trail. They should be fairly paid and fairly treated, respected and well looked after.

Day 1 from KM82 to Wayllamba: The walk is about six hours and and 12 km. We started walking by the river Urubamba and inka fortresses Huilla Raccay og Miskay.

Day 2 from Wayllamba to Pacarriayo: The walk is about seven hours and 11 km long. Today we where walking to Warmiwanusca, also called Dead Woman’s pass.

At 4,215 m it’s the highest point of the Inca Trail.

Day 3 from Pacarriayo to Winaywayna:

The walk is about eight hours walk and 16 km long.

Day 4 from Winaywayna to Macchu Picchu:

The walk is only 2 hours and 4 km long.


Once we passed the rather quick tourist control booth we reached the Sun Gate, and the panoramic site of Machu Picchu. But first almost vertical flight of 50 steps leading up to the final pass at Intipunku (Sun Gate). Suddenly the whole of Machu Picchu is spread out before you in all its glory - a fantastic sight for all.

We had a private tour in he amazing lost city of the Incas for around two hours, before all the other tourists entered the city.

Just magic!

Read more about the program here

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Photos by: Cato Kristensen og Lars Kofoed

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