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How to look beautiful when on the go!

I am usually on my way to a new destination, and today I share my tips for more comfortable travel, both in the air and on the ground. I love to stay fresh and to look good when I arrive at my final destination.

Planning my next trip to China

1. If possible upgrade your ticket, you get more value for money. Traveling to the destination is a huge part of your vacation, and spend the time wisely.

2. Book a seat at the aisle. You get more space for your legs and you dont bother your co-passengers for personal needs.

3. Prepare for travel by drinking water, continue to drink a glass of water every hour in the air.

The mix of water and gin&tonic..

4. I like to zip to a gin&tonic when traveling, it gives me a decadent feeling and it's a part of my travel rituals.

5. Hydration mist. I bring my Hydra Beauty Essence mist from Chanel, and use it regularly. It gives my skin protection and it's a radiance booster. (this is no add)

6. Always be polite and grateful to the staff onboard. They are working long hours and it's hard work.

I nevner leave my home without!

7. Bring compression socks, slippers and eye mask. Make sure your health is taking care of in the air, and you dont want to spend the next days with elephant legs. Eye mask helps you to relax and your eyes rest even if you dont sleep.

8. Have your batteries charged on all your devices, the time in the air is perfect for cleaning up your inbox for junk mail so the rest of your vacation is pure joy!

9. If you preorder your meals, you can customize what you eat in the air. It's easy and free of charge.

use your eye mask

10. If you have stops in between your flights make a plan for how to spend the hours, it will heighten your experience. Some airport offer spa, swimming pools and even a hotel to rent by the hour.

Bon voyage! (or as we say in Norway: "God tur")

my new favorite bag

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