• Tove M Taalesen

Trophy hunters - shame on you!

I will never understand why people have the need to hunt animals just for the kill.

I respect the hunt for food, but I will never understand why so many people are trophy hunters. Trophy hunting is a form of hunting carefully selected animals – usually big game creatures such as lions, rhinos or elephants – where the hunter who kills the animal keeps a part of the animal, such as its head or skin.

Even worse is ranch hunting, which is a form of big-game hunting where the animals hunted are specifically bred on a ranch for trophy hunting purposes.

In an age where the thrill of the chase and the chance to post something eye catching on social media is the top of everyone’s agenda, trophy hunting big game animals has become a booming business.

Wealthy people pay a lot of money to kill animal, for nothing else then a photo on Instagram and a trophy on the wall.

Shame on you!

#wildlife #huntinginsouthafrica #trophyhunting #gamedrive #safari #killinganimalforthefun

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