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When I travel I want to travel authentic.

I love to meet local people, taste the local food and to get real travelstories.

Arpino is one of the oldest towns in Frosinone province in the area of Lazio.

And the people you meet here will help you explore the neighboring areas, as the Italian do them self.

Its altitude in relation to the surrounding valley allows you to enjoy breathtaking views.

Arpino in Italy

If you want to experience the best sunset in Italy, you must visit this beautiful little village just outside of Rome.

Its magical to visit a beautiful town, and be the only non-born Italian.

If you go to Rome you compete with the rest of the world for your instamoments.

In Arpino the world is in front of you and it s authentic Italian.

And you will only meet friendly people, eager to please you.

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