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White and wooden houses in Posebyen

Posebyen is a neighborhood in the city of Kristiansand, in the old town.

It consists mostly of large, white, wooden houses, many of which were left intact after the big city fire in 1892.

Therefore, it forms the largest continuous collection of old wooden houses in any city in

Northern Europe.

I took a walk around the idyllic streets and found the former Post office at Kronprinsensgate 45.

The house dates back to 1695 when Norway was a part of Denmark.

A stroll along the streets of Posebyen is like going back in times.

The houses are all white and many of the owners today gives pride in decorating it with flowers in all colors.

The church in Posebyen

Start your walk from Markens in to Henrik Wergelands gate.

Cross over Festningsgaten and continue your journey on Henrik Wergelandsgate.

Stop in the corner of Holbergs gate and turn right to Skippergata.

Take out your camera and find your instamoments, among all the large, white and wooden houses.

This walk will probably take you 1 hour - depending how often you stop for a photo or maybe you find a hidden boutique or handcraft outlet.

Hopefully you are now both hungry and thirsty.

I alway look out for secret places and I found a special one in Kristiansand.

I found this little vegan cafe in Dronningens Gate 54.

Go for a smoothie or a juice.

It's so fresh and delicious!

Spiregården, vegan cafe in Kristiansand

My next article will let you into the world of coffee in Kristiansand.

It's a place called "Happiness" - I call it a happy place on earth for us who love a good cup of coffee!

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