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Top three historical hotels in Norway

Walaker Hotel

The summer of 2017 was the summer every Norwegian understood how beautiful Norway are, and started to planned their vacation in their own country.

When planning your stay in Norway you have to go by car to reach the villages by the coastline and the fjords. Or you can go by ferries, but then you dont get the flexibility you have when driving your own car.

Last summer I vacated in the western part of Norway.

Going by car from Oslo to Askvoll and back, I need to have stop on my way.

And I found these three beautiful hotels.

Walaker Hotel

Right beside the fjord in the idyllic village of Solvorn in Luster lies Walaker Hotel.

The hotel, which has been inherited from generation to generation, is a charming family hotel and an attraction in itself, located in the middle of the world`s best tourist destination, according to National Geographic. The hotel has been owned by the same family since 1690 and is the oldest family-run hotel in Norway, with over 370 years of history.

Mundal Hotel

Majestic Hotel Mundal in Fjærland is a unique example of the Norwegian hotel tradition from the late 1800s and we take great pride in holding on to the authentic and atmosphere even today.

Hotel Mundal offers a unique experience and is mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide to travel, Travel & Leisure, and National Geographic Traveller as a hotel well worth a stay.

Travel in time and sit down in a deep leather chair, made by local craftsmen over a hundred years ago. The world changes and evolves in a racing speed, but at Hotel Mundal in Fjærland time stands still. Find this unique kind of nostalgic atmosphere, surrounded by the Sognefjord, the mountains and glaciers.


Elveseter Hotel is one of the most exceptional hotels in Norway, located in the untouched wilderness of the Jotunheimen National park. Below the famed Galdhøpiggen Peak. The traditional farming estate called Elveseter received its first tourists at the end of the 1800’s. Over the past century, the estate has been converted into a family-run hotel, with facilities that provides comfort with a touch of history.

The Elveseter family has amassed a unique collection of artefacts from Norway and abroad. These cultural treasures create a distinctive, welcoming atmosphere in the hotels lounges and common areas, where guests are invited to make themselves at home.

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