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Ho Chi Minh City's coffee culture

Vietnamese coffee

You know that I love coffee!

When I am home, my Superman makes sure I get my hot coffee in the bed in the morning.

When I travel I make sure to stay at a hotel that know have I like my coffee.

When I first went to Vietnam I ordered the classic Vietnamese coffee known as "ca phe sua da" – literally “coffee, milk, ice”.

It comprises strong coffee, dripped from a small metal filter into a cup containing a quarter as much sweetened condensed milk, then stirred and poured over ice in a glass.

Vietnamese coffee

At first I couldn’t bear it's cloying sweetness, but three days in I’d grown addicted to the sweet buzz that follows a refreshing coolness on the tongue.

It suits the humidity of the place in a way that an ordinary latte wouldn’t.

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th century, but the country quickly became a strong exporter. And now the Vietnamese have taken coffee to new levels of almost gastronomical – even medicinal – heights.

If you are in Norway you can get the coffee in one of the Vietnamese restaurants.

If you haven't tried it, dare to do so!

Drinking my ice coffee in the sunset in Ho Chi Minh City

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