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A guide to buying couture clothing in Hoi An, Vietnam

Photo by Fredrik Ringnes

The skillful tailors of Hoi An are well-known throughout the world.

Many of them can trace the trade through several generations of their family.

With deft fingers and a keen eye, they’re known by many as master craftsmen,

able to copy any design they see.

Hoi An, Vietnam

If you show them a picture of a coat, suit or dress, you can expect a nearly exact replica to be produced within 24-48 hours.

The best tailor shops in Hoi An are well-known, and they are the reason that Vietnamese from all parts of the country will encourage you to visit this central city.

You will most likely encounter locals offering to tell you the best tailors the second you get off your train, bus or motorbike.

I found TripAdvisor to be one of the most trustworthy review sites.

It ultimately led us to my favorite tailor shop, though I still visited and spoke with many others.

Hoi An, Vietnam

My top five list for a good bargain:

1. Draft a list of shops that appeal to you and walk into each and every one of them (Hoi An is a very small city, so this should not take too long).

2. Talk to the shop owners, look at the clothes on display and listen in on their interactions with other customers.

3. Plan to be there for a few days it’s best to allow a few fitting sessions

4. Ask your tailor if they offer to keep your measurements so you can call or email the tailor and ask to have another made and sent to your home address.

5. Know what you want. Make sure to have a picture or an online dress to show to your tailor. Be specific on what kind of fabrics you like.

Photo by Lise Åserud

Happy shopping!

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