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Going on a date and want to do it the luxuries way?

Invite your date to a spa!

I love to live my life in a luxuries way, not just a dull, ordinary life.

So when I invite my man out for a date we do it on first class.

Are you out of ideas?

TravelQueen gives you her secret!

Go to Oslo, and spend your weekend at the Thief Hotel at Tjuvholmen.

If you already are in Oslo, visit the The Thief Spa.

Photo by: The Thief Spa

"THIEF SPA has stolen the best ideas from spa cultures all over the world and brought them home. The rituals from Turkish Hamams, Moroccan Rhassouls and German Aufgusse are recreated with an intimate ambience inspired by the natural landscape of Norway"

It's elegant, sophisticated and like a sanctuary for us without children.

A joy for us who like to enjoy a quiet evening after a busy week with traveling and blogging.

The staff is friendly and always make sure that you have something to drink and fresh fruit.

Our spa hostess Emeli was always smiling and happy to help.

Next time you want to spoil your self ( and your man/lady) bring your swimsuit and relax at Tjuvholmen.


Tjuvholmen (if you still haven't visited this beautiful place, its time to do so)

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