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Top five list, art in Norway

Art has been a huge part of my life since I bought my first artwork twenty years ago.

I had lost my job, my boyfriend at the time had left me, and my father passed away.

It was not a golden moment in my life.

I turned to art for lighten up my life and my home, and I started to go to galleries.

I lived in my hometown Drammen, and I started to visit Gulden Kunstverk and Gallery Olsen.

For me art is emotions.

Art is feelings of joy, happiness and most of all I feel hope.

Hope for continuation and for new beginnings.

Here are my top five list

1. Unni Askeland

Unni is one of the top educated artists in Norway, she is provocative and

she makes her audience blush. She is shameless, and her art is underestimated.

She is so full of life and love.

I am so fortunate that I buy art from her in person and have visited her studio.

Every time it hits me, that she should be granted an official art home where she could live and produce for the people.

My last purchased work from her is a painted selfie of her boobs. I haven't decided where to place it.

If you haven't yet an artwork from Unni, its time to buy.

2. H.M. Queen of Norway

Her Majesty the Queen of Norway is my role model.

She is a feminist with grace and dignity.

Her life life-story is like a teaching book about women's rights.

In her life art has been a huge part, and she has been the door opener for artists in Norway by giving them attention in the media and making space for them to shine.

She is so brave that she has started to show her own production og artwork.

I am so lucky that I have two of her artwork in my possession.

3. Evelyn Melsom

I have a artwork from her called: "Pers lille elefant".

She is from my hometown Drammen, and I bought the artwork at an exhibition at the place I was working at the time.

I love this artwork because its been with me for fifteen years, and

I have moved it around the world with me.

Last winter it was stolen from a house I rented out.

And it was really upsetting for me, fortunately I got it back and its now back on my wall.

4. Vebjørn Sand

There is something sexy about him as a man and artist.

He has created something mysterious about him self and his story.

I have one of his artwork at the wall in front of my bed.

It's a naked and pregnant woman sitting by the water.

As I know his art, he takes us back to historical moments like the war or he recapture moments from other artist.

This particular artwork I wanted to buy for a long time, and every Sunday for months I visited FineArt gallery at Tjuvholmen to get to know this piece of art.

5. Anders Jørgensen

Photo art is new for me and I love it.

Anders is a chef working, but is highly educated in photo art. He is originally from the northern part of Norway, but lives in Oslo. The pictures he takes are, as you can see on his webpage from the north of Norway, Island and from Oslo. I bought picture from him taken in the city center of Oslo. I love to have this beautiful artwork in my living room.

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