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Sunday in Oslo, what to do?

Verdensparken på Furuset

Go for a Sunday walk

When you get to know us Norwegians, you will learn that we love to "go for a walk".

(Paid ad by Bymiljøetaten in Oslo)

Especially on Sundays we love to go for a walk with a friend or we take our boyfriend out to walk

(or the dog..).

I love to visit the parks in Oslo.

At Tjuvholmen where I live we have a little park with art, and the Astrup Fearnley Museum.

I also like to visit Frognerparken to barbecue or just walk around looking at all the sculptures made by Gustav Vigeland.


"The worldpark" Last Sunday I visited "The world park" (Verdensparken) at Furuset, a district in the eastern part of Oslo. The park was created by the city in 2014, and today it is a large green area with great possibilities for barbecue and picnic.

At Furuset it is over 140 different nationalities living together and it's so fun to see the children playing together.

I went to Furuset with my "Superman" and he love sports and activities. In the park he tried the parkour facilities and we also found a park close by that had a great outdoor exercise equipment.

Hockey player from Vålerenga

I am a urban citygirl and not so used to visit the eastern part of Oslo. But "Superman" is a hockey player and in his younger days he played for Vålerenga and Furuset, and he also grew up close by.

So it was really fun exploring his childhood playground.



Go by tram line 2 from Oslo S


You are sporty and want to do outdoor activity or you want to chill out in the park

Travelqueen visiting Verdensparken

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