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Home away from home, Serbia

Monica shopping at the local market


is probably not on your Top 10 list

over places to visit,

it may not have struck you as an opportunity at all to visit this part of Europe.

But if you ever find your way to Serbia,

I`m convinced you will be amazed by the friendly people and their hospitality, the beautiful scenery and the traditional food.

Two years ago, my husband and I built a house in south-western Serbia, close to a touristic center called Zlatibor.

(In Norway you can compare this place with Hemsedal)

Local food market

In this town you will find a food market where "kortreist" (from local farmers) is the definition of what you`ll find here.

Stall after stall displaying local rakija, the traditional brandy made of plum or other fruits, smoked and dried meat and sausage, freshly made honey ("med"), kaymak - the traditional soft cheese, and of course fruits and berries depending on season.

In this market you will also find local handiwork like knitted wool socks, hats and sweaters.

Last Christmas party we gave all our guests

socks from this market as a little gift and I know that

TravelQueen and her Superman

love their wool socks when winter time is "knocking at their door".

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