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My top five list for making your next flight more comfortable

- Unless you are blessed enough to live the first-class lifestyle, air travel is not a glamorous endeavor.

If you’re a regular traveler looking to add a bit of comfort to your trip, there are steps you can take to ensure that your next one will be more pleasant than your last.

Traveling with my Louis Vuitton

Here are my top five list for making your next flight more comfortable.

1. Buy first class or business class. If you can't afford, buy SAS pluss.

2. Travel with Norwegian for free WIFI in the air. Are you, like me paying your bills with likes and followers on social media? You can't afford to sit down to be useless.

3. A portable battery. Nothing is worse than running out of battery for your iPhone or Mac with three hours left on a cross-country flight. Make sure to down load from Netflix before you get in the air.

4. A flexible pair of trousers and home knitted wool socks. When in the air your body will be filled with gas, make sure to be comfortable in your seat with flexible clothes.

5. Champagne! There is nothing in the world that can't be cured with sparking wine. Even flights overpopulated with toddlers will be manageable with a bottle of champagne.

Bon voyage!

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