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NEW! Seafood in Oslo

Pipervika seafood

The new "Fisketorget" in Oslo, Pipervika opened last week.

Its located next to the traditional fishing boats outside of

City Hall and close to the entrance of

Aker Brygge.

Destination Aker Brygge is Oslos most trendy district.

Housing boutiques like Milla interior and Mark+Brandy.

The sale of seafood from boats directly to the consumer has a long history in Oslo,

and now the square and the boats will complement each other.

On the square, you will get fresh seafood, and various seafood dishes and take-away.

There is a separate part for sushi and oysters and an aquarium.

The ground floor of the square is 300 square meters and the whole building is in glass.

When I visited the place last week it was guests (tourists) sitting and enjoying them selves with a glass of wine and fresh seafood.

It looks like a tourist trap - and I belive it is, but if you are interested in tasting Norwegian seafood you should try.


Next to City Hall and Aker Brygge


Its a new place and just open for business


After visited the City Hall or the Nobel Peace Center and before shopping at Aker Brygge

Interior details at Pipervika Seafood

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