• Tove M Taalesen

Latin party at Aker Brygge

Lekter´n has been hosting one of the best, if is not THE BEST latin party in Oslo, and you missed it?

Last week more then 1000 people gathered with love and happiness.

Everybody was smiling, dancing and had a good time.

This was the best summer party in Oslo and even tough the weather was not perfect for latin party - the people and the music made Aker Brygge hotlast Wednesday.

For me, Aker Brygge is the ultimate summer place, and I belive that Lektern is managing to keep up with new trends and stay trendy.

This weekend is After Beach - if you are in Oslo on Friday afternoon, you have to come by for a cocktail and listen to summer of 2017 summer hits.

(you might consider this an add, but its not. I do work in the company, but nobody is paying me to tell you this - I just love the feeling of happiness)

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