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SKAM safari in Oslo

SKAM Safari – Location Tour

Want to feel like one of the characters when walking around

the schoolyard and sit on the iconic bench?

Maybe you have wanted to stand on the bridge where Noora and William shared their first kiss?

Or take a selfie in front of Noora’s blue front door and make a prayer in the church from S3.

And that’s only some of it. All this you can get when you join the SKAM safari.

Be guided by a knowledgeable safari guide like Nina, Mathilde or Andrea.

They will: Delve into the youth life in Oslo and help you to explore thriving parts of Oslo that’s

off the

tourist’s path.

You get 2-3 hours of exploring SKAM locations

Try Noora’s beloved ‘fiskekake’ at the famous Mathallen and

maybe you have a coffee at Kaffebrenneriet.

The girls will give you insider tips, and dos and don’ts for your stay in Oslo.

Go to SKAM safari more more information.

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