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Are you a SKAM fan?


I must admit, I have never seen an episode of SKAM (SHAME)

The teen drama has been popular in Norway since premiering

in late 2015 and reached an unexpectedly massive international fanbase.

I almost feel shameful for not being a part of the world of SKAM.

Some of the actors in the series are so popular online that they have reached millions of followers in social media.

Did you know that SKAM takes place in Oslo, Norway?


What is SKAM about?

The show follows its main cast of 16- and 17-year-olds as they enter high school.

Season one is told from the perspective of

Eva as she faces struggles with her longtime boyfriend.

Season two focuses on Noora, who finds herself

falling for an older boy whom she initially adores.

And finally, season three is all about Isak's struggle to accept his


Season four deals with the Islamic religion, forbidden love,

cyberbullying, friendship, and the Norwegian russ celebratory period.

I am starting my SKAM marathon this weekend and I wonder if

I will get addicted as the rest of the world.

What do you think of SKAM?

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