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Passion for cheese

Passion for Castelmagno from Piemonte

When visiting Armani Hotel, and the Michelin star ristorante in the hotel I tasted Castelmagno for the first time.

And I just love the taste.

It taste like the basement of an old stone house...

Castelmagno at Armani Hotel Milano

Castelmagno is named for the municipality that it comes from, and represents centuries of cheesemaking tradition high in the mountains of Piedmont.

Documentation dates it to at least 1277 . a mandate exists in which the Marquis of Saluzzo required local farmers to pay for the privilege of working his lands

with wheels of Castelmagno.

As the cheese ages, it develops various molds on the rind as well as some blue veining into the paste of the cheese.

For this reason, Castelmagno has also been classified as a blue cheese.

Castelmagno was awarded DOP status in 1996.

I haven't found the cheese for sale in Norway yet, but it is possible to make a preorder.

Townof Castelmagno in Piemonte

Where to buy cheese in Oslo, Norway:

Fromagerie, Valkyriegaten 9, at Frogner

Ostebutikken, Thorvald Meyers gate 27 at Grûnerløkka

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