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Passo dello Stelvio, Italy

This summer vacation is together with my family of nine.

Today we went to the Passo della Stelvio, close to the border of Switzerland.

This week is all about activity and sports.

The Stelvio Pass is a mountain pass in northern Italy, at an elevation of 2,757 m above sea level.

It is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps,

and the second highest in the Alps.

The pass is located in the alps in Italy between Stilfs in South Tyrol and Bormio in the province of Sondrio. Its about 200 m from the Swiss border.

In May this year the one of the stages in Giro d`Italy where held here and classified as high-difficulty stage.

We decided to day to the pass from Bormio and to the top by roller ski.

This is the alps on its most beautiful and spectacular, we started the climbing from Bormio and on our way to the top we passed 48 hairpin turns.

The air is fresh and crispy and Passo della Stelvio is one of the most spectacular high altitude roads in the world.


Go to Livigno, stay at one of the hotels in this little alp town.

We stayed at Alpin Village Hotel with all inclusive. I highly recommend this place for the friendly staff and high quality dinner.

Drive to Bormio and follow directions for Passo della Stelvio, its about 50 minutes by car.

You can drive to the top by car, just make sure to stop on your way up to the top for photos.

You can go by bicycle, but make sure you are up for it!

You can do it by roller ski, but this is for the professionals.


The spectacular view and the 48 hairpin turns.


Bratwurst and sauerkraut, buy it from one of the stands on the top. Eat and enjoy the view.

Roller ski

To do the Passo dello Stelvio by roller ski, you have to be an athlete like my nephew. He is one of the best Norwegian in his age in biathlon.He did the whole pass up, and we followed by car to make sure he got water supply.

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