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Visit stunning Italian villages by Lake Como. Hotspots for summer vacay in Europe.

A gorgeous spot that’s a convenient day trip from Milan, Lake Como recently earned fame as home to Hollywood star George Clooney. But celeb-spotting aside, it’s known for jaw-dropping natural beauty, elegant old villas—and the scenic towns surrounding the lake. Check out Varenna, Bellagio, and Menaggio, which offer great views, historic churches, and water-based activities such as ferries and passenger-only boats.

Visit beautiful Lake Como in Italy.

Along the lake there are small villages with colorful houses with flowering gardens.

A popular retreat for aristocrats and the wealthy going back to Roman times, this Y-shaped lake continues to exert a powerful pull on imaginations thanks to the historic villas, stunning gardens and sleepy villages. If you want to meet celebrities on vacation, this is the place to be.

Its also a shopping eldorado for us who like Italian brands like Valentino, Armani and Versace. Are you lucky you can find the brands for sale in second hand shops for the price of almost nothing.

Don`t miss out on why George Clooney is Crazy for Lake Como

My top five list of towns to visit in Lake Como:

1. Bellagio

Bellagio is widely considered to be among the most beautiful towns in Europe. With its unbeatable panoramic views and flower-lined streets, Bellagio is undoubtedly the most famous town on Lake Como, which of course means it’s also the most visited. I recommend you to stop for an aperitivo at one of the hotels or eateries near the ferries

2. Tremezzo

Tremezzo is a dreamy town that practically demands to be visited for its two major attractions. Villa Carlotta with the beautiful garden and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo with the private beach. The town is directly across the lake from Bellagio.

3. Varenna

Given that it’s one of the few towns accessible from Milan via train, Varenna is an ideal choice for travelers who aren’t planning to drive to the lake. Traditionally a fishing village, Varenna features brightly colored homes and villas that sit close to each other on the waterfront. Try out the italien cafe at the train station, perfect for a espresso before you board the train.

4. Lecco

Tucked away at the southeastern corner of the lake, Lecco remains off the radar of most travelers, making a great place to live like a local among its nearly 50,000 inhabitants. The town is situated at the very end of the lake. Are you looking for shopping opportunities I recommend Dettagli di Capogiro in Via Roma 13 with great Italien brand and staff that are really welcoming you.

5. Menaggio

In Menaggio it’s quite possible to spend an entire day lazing about the lovely lakefront promenade, with the flower beds and palm trees, but it’s worth climbing the steep stairs to explore the older part of town, where you can see remnants of the former wall. I recommend the church close to the piazza, Santa Maria della divina. Its so nice to sit down and take a deep breath before you explore the rest of the town.

If you want to meet George Clooney on your holiday, go to Laglio. He owns Villa Oleandra and five other estates in Laglio. If you want to stay as the stars The Villa d’Este is the place the real A-listers stay if they don’t own their own property on the Lake.

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