• Tove M Taalesen

The hike with views above all others!

My family has a cabin in Telemark, close to Gaustatoppen. We have a tradition to walk to the top of the mountain every summer.

Gaustatoppen, 1883 metres high, is the highest mountain in Telemark, and is both easy to climb and readily accessible.

At the top you may enjoy the best view in the south of Norway. If the weather is fine, you may see one sixth of Norway.

It is a family-friendly hike appropriate for fit children experienced with hiking. We are a family from the age of 10 up to 70 years old.

We start from Stavsro it is an even incline all the way to the top. The difference in height is approximately 700 metres, but the trail is wide and clear.

It is paved with stones, especially towards the end.

I recommend mountain shoes with ankle braces, and bring water in your backpack to drink.

As you approach the top, the views become increasingly beautiful, and you will see the mountains in Telemark and Buskerud, and Oslomarka in the distance.

The last part to the north has a magnificent view in all directions, especially of Hardangervidda that spreads out in the west.

You can go by cable car, Gaustabanen to the top of Gaustatoppen!

The easiest way to reach the south of Norway's best views is inside the mountain!

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