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Vegan smoothie bowls are the way to stay healthy.

I usually start my day with a smoothie and I am trying to continue eating smoothie or a smoothie bowl to lunch as well. Its healthy for my body and I fell more clean when doing so.

Smoothie bowls

My favorite places in Oslo to buy smoothie bowls:

"The juicery" at Eger.

This little place offers juices, bowls, salads and snacks.

And they have the most delicious smoothie ever with peanut butter.

They have a small lounge area with design furniture and its a great location for blogging or resting your legs after shopping in Akersgata.

"Haven" at OSL Gardermoen

"Garden" at the airport offers smoothies, bowls, soup and a salad bar.

Its organic and a veggie alternativ when you are traveling.

I love to have my smoothie made in a bowls and add some banana, almonds and pomegranate.

Its clean, green and healthy.

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