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Rent sustainable electric bicycles at Aker Brygge this summer, and charge your phone for free.

Sustainable electric bikes for hire

Do you like to travel around the city by bicycle?

This summer you can rent electric bicycle and easy sightseeing around the city.

The bikes are solar powered and can be rented from Aker Brygge or Oslo Central Station for 1 nok per minute.

The offer is part of the trial project "Sun Mobility", which aims to contribute to better, cleaner and greener accessibility in the city.

The bicycles are called Sun Bikes, and are deployed for charging and rental at Bryggetorget at Aker Brygge and on the south side of Østbanehallen by Oslo Central Station.

The bicycle charging stations are part of "Sun Trees", which also offer free wifi and charging of mobile phones.

The bikes will initially be available until September.


Bryggetorget, Aker Brygge. To get there use bus 21 or 54 to Tjuvholmen.


You love Mother Earth, and love to sightseeing


Buy soft icecream at Sorgenfri and rest for a while before you continue sightseeing.

Solar charging at Aker Brygge

Free charging of your phone

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