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Shopping for "souvenirs" in Oslo

Photo: Heimen Husflid

My favorite Norwegian boutique for quality Norwegian craftsmanship is "Heimen Husflid".

They have Norwegian national costumes, art and crafts, silk scarfs, jewelry, blankets, knitwear and modern Norwegian designs.

The products are made in Norway and often made by local artists.

Its pricy, but the products are unique and you will wear them for ever,

and the presents you bring back home will be highly appreciated by your family and friends.

Photo: Heimen Husflid

If you want to bring home some typical Norwegian souvenirs

when visiting Oslo I recommend you to

stay away from the shops by the harbor and the ones around City Hall.

Most of the stuff you buy there are not Norwegian at all, and some of them are of really bad quality.

Photo: Heimen Husflid


Heimen Husflid, Rosenkrantzgt. 8, Oslo


Made in Norway



The restaurant next door serving traditional Norwegian meatballs, reindeer and salmon

Heimen Husflid

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