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Freia flagship chocolatestore

Freia Flagshipstore at Karl Johan

For chocolate-lovers!

Since 1899 Freia has held pride of place with its flagship chocolate store on Oslo´s main thoroughfare, Karl Johan.

It has played a key role in building pride in the Freia brand in Norwegian hearts.

In 2010 the store reopened with a new identity, new packaging

and a new interior where contemporary design has been merged with Freia's history, traditions and values.


If you love chocolate you must try the Norwegian chocolate, its so tasty and well balanced. Freia chocolate factory is famous for their "Milk chocolate", "Twist" and "Kvikk Lunsj"

You will love the taste, and I can promise you that you will buy and bring back home.

Freia Flagshipstore


Karl Johan street, close to The Parlament


You love chocolate, and you deserve to have one

Freia Flagshipstore

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