• Tove M Taalesen

Brewing in the high north

Visiting Mack's brewery is an interesting adventure to do when you are in Tromsø.

140 years have gone since Mack’s Ølbryggeri started its production of Mack beer.

A lot has changed, but along with its history their facilities remain.

In their historical buildings in Tromsø they do daily tours where you get to hear Mack’s

history from past to the present.

You will also be given a short presentation of the raw materials that goes into beer, the brewing process, Mack’s beer range and a visit to our microbrewery.

And of course - the tasting.


Peder Hansens gate 4, 9008 Tromsø

Guided tours:

Price: 170 nok per person

Included 2 tastings from Mack

Guided tour lasts for 60min

Private tours:

Price 170 nok per person

Included. 2 tastings from Mack

Minimum 10 guests

Guided tour lasts for 60min.


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