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48 hours in Tromsø, part 1

On my way to Tromsø

Tromsø lies in Northern Norway.

The perfect spot to discover the midnight sun og the polar nights.

It is the largest urban area in Northern Norway and the third largest north of the Arctic Circle.

The midnight sun occurs from about 18 May to 26 July, but the mountains in the north block the view of it for a few days, meaning that you can see the midnight sun from about 21 May to 21 July.

The sun remains below the horizon during the polar night from about 26 November to 15 January, but owing to the mountains, the sun is not visible from 21 November to 21 January.

The return of the sun is an occasion for a big celebration.

Emma exploring the snow in the midle of the summer in Tromsø

Relaxing, looking at the stunning view

How to reach: by plane from Oslo fly SAS or Norwegian, it will take you approximately 2 hours.

Where to stay: Tromsø offers many quality hotels, so its easy to find a place to stay. For two nights in July you can easy find a hotel for 1200-1500 nok.

We chose Comfort Hotel Express. This is a boutique hotel in the centre of the city. Its simple, but fully equiped with what you need for a outdoor weekend in the north. Its no breakfast included, perfect for us. We wanted to explore Tromsø. A huge advantage was the late check out, standard for all guests.

And the staff was friendly and helpful.

Follow my blogpost for input on how to get the most out of 48 h in Tromsø.



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