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Visiting Royal Palace, Oslo

The Royal palace in Norway

The Royal Palace in Oslo is open to the public during the summer.

During the season, all visitors must follow a guided tour. The tours last about one hour and begin every 20 minutes.

Most tours are in Norwegian, but tours in English are also given every day.

The Kong and The Queen of Norway residence at the Palace, but yet this is the working place for over 150 people.

Since 1905 when our royal family first arrived in Norway the Palace has been the working place for many people. At the Palace there are chefs, housekeeping, footmen and chauffeurs.

They have departments of art, gardening and police.T

his summer you can visit the Palace and learn more about the royal household, the exhibition will show you how they worked and how they lived.

Back in 1905 the employees lived at the Palace.

I have been working at the royal household since 2007.

When I started I was the first female footman in history. I am proud to be apart of the royal household and

I will recommend you to visit Place this summer.

Its located in the end of Karl Johan, right in the city center of Oslo.

You can buy tickets here:


Read more about the exhibition here:

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