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Picnic at Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Chefs at Sorgenfri

Oslo has great places to visit to relax and enjoy the summertime.

Later this summer I will let you in on my secrets spots in the parks in Oslo city.

But today I will bring you a free tip:

Buy a picnic bag from Sorgenfri on Aker Brygge and stroll along the seaside out to Tjuvholmen.

At the very end there is a a art park and a beach for kids to play.

There is also a pier for us grown up to jump in to the ocean and do som holiday exercise.

My favorite spot at Tjuvholmen

To sit on the pier with a picnic bag full of open sandwiches and organic apple juice from a local farmer is so nice and relaxed.

This is my neighborhood and as a local I can promise you the best sunset spot in Oslo. Perfect for vacay picture to show your friends when you are back home, and perfect to update your Instagram. (make sure to #travelqueen and @restaurantdronningen)

Bring your bag and walk as far out in Tjuvholmen as possible, you will find a quiet corner for you and your family to have a happy end to a perfect chill out day in Oslo.

The picnic bag you buy at:


Bryggetorget 4, on Aker Brygge

+ 47 21501090

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