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"Gentleman thief"


My new friend Silvia, invited me to a day with Edvard Munch and to stories of his life and paintings.

We traveled from Oslo to his home in Åsgårdstrand, about 1 hour from Oslo by car.

A beautiful little town by the sea, with a spectacular light - no wonder this is a place for making great art.

The house is now a small museum open to the public where everything has been retained as it was when the artist lived there.

Edvard Munch painted many of his masterpieces in Åsgårdstrand, like The Bridge, Four Girls in Åsgårdstrand and The Dance of Life.

These are now on display at major international art galleries.


In the center of town is a small cafe called Frantzens Bakeri and Konditori, also called Munch's cafe.

Do not miss "Krabbelure" a local specialty, a form of donut.

The cake and the coffee is delicious and worth a try.

The owner of the cafe is a famous bank robber from the early eighties, Martin Pedersen.

Known in Norway as "a gentleman thief".

One time he stole two Munch paintings from a private home and left two behind because it would be wrong to take all of them..

NorthwaytravelIf you want to visit Munchs home go to and make a reservation.

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