• Tove M Taalesen

The taste of Scandinavian summer

I love the taste, and the smell from elderberry.

They taste like summer, floral and fragrant- not sweet in themselves but heaven in a glass when infused in a light sugar syrup or set into jelly.

When you taste elderberry juice you will understand how a Scandinavian summer feels like.

I love my elderberry as a juice drink with crushed ice, sometimes I also mix it with sparkling water - just to get the champagne touch.

Its perfect for your guests at a summer party in the sunset.

My favorite producer of the juice is "Hyllest".

They make the elderberry out of organic elderberry handpicked in Telemark.

In Oslo you can buy the juice at Økohjerte.

This organic store is located in the heart of Oslo, just a corner away from Aker Brygge.

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