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Visit Vestfold and Tjøme Kolonial

Visit Vestfold

"Verdens Ende" in English: World's End, or more figuratively, The End of the Earth - lies at the southern tip of Tjøme Island, and has for years been visited by tourists. Ironically enough, it is not really the end of the world in any sense, but when one stands there and looks out across the vast area of ocean one can forget about the geography and really feel like there is nothing else out there.

Tjøme is located in Vestfold, about 1 hour by car from Oslo. Many Norwegians have their cabin in this area, and spend their summer Holliday here. I dare to compare it with The Hamptons in the United States.

If you are in to ecologic food you should stop and visit Tjøme Kolonial on your way out to the islands. Its located in the center of Tjøme.

Here you can buy food from local farmers and pastries from the local bakery.

They have a really large offer of fresh ecologic food like meat, fish and veggies.

Last weekend I visited Tjøme and Hvasser. I just love to spend time at the art galleries, the local bakeries and its just beautiful to sit by the sea and watch the sailboats and kites in the waves.

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