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Homemade pastries in Vestfold

Homemade pastries with TravelQueen

Vestfold is known for their high quality bakeries, and I just love the smell of fresh pastries and homemade bread. At Tjøme and Hvasser there are three bakeries where you can buy fresh homemade bread for breakfast everyday. When spending my summer vacay here I always make sure my family and friends wake up to the smell of pastries and bread for breakfast.

Homemade pastries with TravelQueen

If you would like to follow my summer tradition:

Kruke Café & Bakeri you will find them at Fynveien at Hvasser. They have good selection of cakes, buns and bread with dunkel wheat and free from gluten and milk. The bakery also sells eco-friendly soaps as well as a rosecream from Dr. Hauschka.

Nøtterø Bakeri & Konditori at Ormeletvn 110 at Tjøme is just a summer outlet. But since 1898, Nøtterø Bakeri & Konditori has enjoyed the population of Vestfold with very high quality bread and cakes.

Havbakeriet Hvasser is located in Liaveien 46 at Hvasser. You find them in the old school building that has been converted to a bakery. They sell organic bakery products that smells and taste just delicious.

Homemade pastries with TravelQueen

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