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Sustainable fashion in Copenhagen

Pariser avenue in Copenhagen with travelqueen.no

The city is consistently ranked as one of the happiest places in the world and with good reason. The Danish capital has all the good things in life that every great city needs - extraordinary surroundings, culinary delights and a zest for design across every spectrum.

One of my favorite danish designer Mads Nørgaard's philosophy behind his clothing line is to "make women sexier and men rougher.

At Stine Goya you can spend all your money on, classic Goya pieces with gold, pastels and peach colored goodies. On my wishlist for my safari vacay this winter is a beautiful "safari" dress from Stine Goya. The dress is white, with elephants, lions and giraffs in gold all over. I dream about me in my dress and a gin tonic at Victoria Falls hotel..

Stine Goya meets Travelqueen.no

When visiting Copenhagen this week, I discovered Sissel Edelbo.

Their vision is to produce unique pieces made from beautiful vintage saris and adding new life and use to a traditional cultural fabric through modern cuts and silhouettes. Every single sari used is handpicked by one or both owners to procure just the right prints and colours for their garments.

Sustainable fashion is a trend in fashion industry, and it is important for us consumers to pay attention to sustainability also regarding the brands we buy and the clothes we wear.

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