• Tove M Taalesen

Diamonds in Oslo

"Like all good relationships my love affair with diamonds has developed over time" says

Conrad Langaard.

I met up with Conrad Langaard at Cafè Christiania in Oslo. He was invited to a spesial event to tell about gemstones and how to take care and maintain them. His shop and workshop has been in Stortingsgaten for over forty years.

Langaard is the place to buy your next precious jewels when you are visiting Norway. I recommend you to make a reservation trough your concierge, and they have a VIP room to make sure you have the discretion you need when buying such an exclusive jewelry. Langaard has over 40 years of traditions and experience to select and make jewelry of high international standard.

Conrad Langaard sr. has a unique knowledge and when he travels to Antwerpen to purchasing diamonds he "speed dates" over hundred diamonds a day.

When you have one of the precious stones in your possession, you need to take care of them so they last forever. Remember to keep them separate from each other and when not in use - keep them in a safe.

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