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Foodie-stories from Cannes

Coffee on the beach in Cannes

If you go to the Riviera for your next vacation, dont miss out on Cannes. The chic city has great shopping opportunities and a elegant beachside. You have hundreds of option when in Cannes for dinner or clubbing.

Armani Caffè

My favorite place to start the day with an espresso and a glas of grapefruit juice under the design umbrellas in the shadow. The staff looks like models and walks like they are on the catwalk when bringing the coffee to the table. The designer boutiques are just around the corner so if you are looking for a snack before shopping, this is the place.

Le Relais des Semailles

This French gourmet restaurant is romantic and are decorated with fresh flowers all year around. When you make a reservation ask for a romantic table outside. The food are tasteful, and the staff are charmingly french.

Plage Vega Luna

A beach restaurant, where you can dip your toes in the water, while having your seafood on a plate. The staff are friendly and present. We had the sea bass and the fresh tuna for lunch and stayed until the sun went down.

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