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Mixing with the millionaires

The atmosphere of Cap d'Antibes is relaxed and bohème.

Driving on the twisting routes of Cap d'Antibes feels like living a road movie. Every bend brings a surprise: a glimpse of an infinity pool, a neo-gothic facade, a plunging view or a helicopter taking off. The village is just outside of Cannes on the way to Nice.

This is the place for the millionaires.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovitch owns Château de la Croë, the neighboring house of

Hotel du Cap Eden.

The hotel has traditionally been a particular favourite of film stars, especially during the annual

Cannes Film Festival.

We enjoyed our lunch in the Grill - one of the hotels two restaurants. You must have a reservation to get a table, and we got a front row table viewing the bay of Juan-les-Pins and the yacht Eclipse, the world's second largest private yacht owned by Mr Abramovitch.

The hotel is well worth a try, but if you dont want to spend your days in Antibes far away from the red carpets of Cannes, just head for a dazzling afternoon in the sun with a glass of champagne on the terrace.

Cap d’Antibes is once again the ultimate riviera chic.

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