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Louis Vuitton City Guides, must-reads for luxury travelers and collectibles for those whose idea of a perfect journey is curling up in an armchair and being transported to places far and wide, exotic and glamorous, one page at a time. There are also the TravelNotebooks, colorful scrapbooks devoted to singular destinations. I instantly put it on my wishlist. I am dreaming of making my own travelbooks for all the desinations I want to visit and leave behind a heritage of all my dreams and travelstories.

Louis Vuitton's City Guide collection has been offering a unique take on the world since 1998. The Paris edition has now been updated: packed with new addresses, it gives readers a true insider's view of the city. I was fortunate to get the book as a gift and I have now started collecting the books. This will be a beautiful collection of my travel stories around the world.

You can visit Louis Vuitton in Oslo, located in Akersgata

Visit Louis Vuitton for more inspiration.

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