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Blooming in Amsterdam

This easter I went to Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. The land of weed and Red light district. When picking my easter vacay destination I was thinking about my childhood memories, when my mother traveled to Holland to visit the beautiful countryside. She was telling me travelstories and showing me pictures of tulips in hundres of different colurs. She must have forgotten to tell me about all the naken butts and tits in red light district - and she must have let out of the story that thousends of people travel to Amsterdam to smoke pot. Its pot everywhere. Every sideway is crowded of people sitting in coffeashops smoking - all day long. In the air its the smell of pot.

We needed to get out of the city to get som clean air, and luckely we met Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh is and indian taxidriver with a high standard and a love for the country he moved to 30 years ago. He drove us out to the countryside and in the car he played cheerful music - and telling stories about Holland. He also told us a great deal about his family, he drives taxi everyday to support his childrens education. But sunday are familyday - then his wife cook dinner and they all sit down toghether.

Mr. Singh tok us out to the farmers that growes tulips - it was the most beautiful acres of yellow, purle and red. All kinds of colurs. It was the most beautiful sight i has ever seen. Even Supermann took pictures..

Our destination was a grande garden, almost like Holland in miniature. Flowers everywhere, windmell and small ponds. We sat down at the lawn in the sun - eating fresh strawberries and enjoying our easter vacy.

Where to eat in Amsterdam:

Los Pilones was founded by 3 Mexican brothers who settled in Amsterdam in 2001. These pioneers brought the real taste of traditional Mexican cuisine to The Netherlands.

After 14 years, Los Pilones has grown to 3 bright and bustling restaurants. People travel from far and wide to marvel at the exclusive collection of more than 185 different tequila’s and to enjoy our unique margaritas at one of Amsterdam’s beloved hotspots!


The bar at Los Pilones, perfect for a margarita..or two

La Trattoria di Donna Sofia is inspired by the cuisine of Naples. Naples is a beautiful town in southern Italy, located on a beautiful bay, in the shadow of Vesuvius. Southern Italy has a large cuisine with plenty of typical ingredients and dishes. The kitchen of Donna Sofia is characterized by simplicity, which makes the flavors of the ingredients come out well. Important is, of course, the good quality of the ingredients which are freshly bought everyday from local stores.


Donna Sofia poring generous Italian grappa to us:)

What to do in Amsterdam:

Mr. Singh - find your own Mr. Sing or you can borrow mine. Contact me in email if you want to reach Mr. Singh himself. He will be your safe taxidriver from airport or you can hire him as a guide out of Amsterdam for a more autentic experience. He can show you a cheese facory, blooming of tulips or one of the famouse old traditional windmell. To have your own guide you will get a VIP treatment nobody else get. But be aware of fake taxidrivers. Amsterdam as every other big citys have taxidrivers that wish to scam tourists.

Hop on Hop off is also in Amsterdam. Do not spend your money or your time on a bus tour. Its boring and no highlights. Drop the bus, but try the canal boat. Its so relaxing to sit on a boat floating away in a busy city. You get to see all the famouse houseboats thats been in Amsterdam for houndres of years. People are actually living in them and as the guide told us this is the on of the most posh places to live for the moment.

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