• Tove M Taalesen

"Äng" designed by Eva Schildt from Klong

I love my designer vase from the Swedish brand Klong. It's designed by Eva Schildt who is an award winning designer. I just love the way I can arrange my flower and make a meadow of flower in my home.

Kajsa F Hennerstedt

I visited Kajsa F Hennerstedt in her trendy home at Sørenga, and she told me about her beautiful vase.

The vase was nominated by Elle Design Magazine as interior accessories 2015.

Later this autumn I am giving you an exclusive behind the scene, at her home at trendy Sørenga. She will give you her personal top list, of what to do and what to see in this new and urban district of Oslo

#evaschildt #klong #home #design #blomster #decor #decoration

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